Julia M. Saunders, BHE, MEd
Director of Sex Love Intelligence Education Inc.

After spending many years involved as a ‘sexpert’ in media, film, and television, and in 2005, nearing graduation from her Masters in Sex Education CurriculumJulia founded and incorporated SLI Education.

For over 25 years Julia’s passion for emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong and integrated individuals and relationships has brought her to seek multiple modalities for healing and human potential.

Most recently Julia has been certified in and is providing the highest distillation of world-wide methods in her practice. Her clients experience rapid results and dissolve issues at their root, meaning problems don't come back

Her thriving sexual health education and highly advanced and integrated coaching practice is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Coaching can be accessed in person in Vancouver or on-line world-wide.


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The following is from Julia's C.V.:

Formal Education:

MEd, ’07, University of British Columbia (UBC)
Primary area of research involved how to apply anti-oppressive paradigms to sexual health education, including gender and body education. 
Grad Project: A curriculum for teachers in training (BEd students) and other professionals to effectively address sexually and relationally sensitive topics with the populations they serve.

BHE (Hons.), CSiS, ’04, UBC
Double major undergrad degree (with Honours) focused on Human Ecology (BHE) and Critical Studies in Sexuality (CSiS). 


Continuing Education:

Harmony Integration Coach Training and Certification Program, ’13 - current, Harmony Integration Academy, Vancouver, BC
Coaching Matters: Skills for the Coaching Conversation, ’13, UBC Continuing Studies
Rational InquiryTM and OriginsTM '04-'10, Executive Success Program, Tacoma, WA & Vancouver, BC

Sex Therapy Training Intensive, ’08, University of Guelph
Sexual Attitude Reassessment
(SAR) for Counselors and Therapists, ’07, University of Guelph
Guelph Sexuality Conference (’06, ’07, ‘10, including Poster Presentation)

Curriculum design:

Designed grades 4-7 school curriculum for a comprehensive and sustainable Sexual Health Education elementary program for the Yukon Territory

Curriculum Specialist on the development team for the Certification for Sexual Health Educators, delivered for the first time in Canada in August 2006, through OPT.

Assisted in creation of the CAVE/SAR, currently offered at OPT.

Recent Workshops:

Based on her research and workshop development for teachers in her Masters of Education, Mrs. Saunders offers diverse training for all teachers in service and other professionals to learn to 'Be ApproachableTM'. She also provides innovative and engaging sexual health education to parents, and youth in schools, universities, and in the community.

These specialized parent and professional development workshops have been delivered in Early Childhood Education trainings, at Family Places in Vancouver, for Government in Whitehorse, YK, and other locations.  One of her most recent clients was a two part training for counselors at Richmond Addictions.

In the direction of creating a self-sustaining sex ed program in Whitehorse, Mrs. Saunders taught teachers, counselors, and nurses her curriculum in order to promote effective and lasting sexual health program delivery in the Territory.  Parent education was also an important part of the training.  She delivered her Approachable AdultTM workshop to rooms full of parents with children of all ages.


Some Clients:

Richmond Addictions, Richmond, BC, Oct 2012 and Aug 2013
 A two part training for c
ounselors who work in addiction and generally with youth, families, and people over 65.  Workshops focused on developing comfort and competency discussing sexuality and its relationship with drugs and alcohol, sexual overuse or addiction, internet use, pornography, sexual orientation issues, sexual abuse and a person’s relationship with sexuality and sexual behaviours.

Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre, Vancouver, Nov 2012
Confidential Feedback reported 95% of 16 ECEducators "agreed or strongly agreed that Julia engaged the learners, was well prepared, knowledgeable, and showed respect for learner’s knowledge".  "The workshop improved their ability to provide quality childcare, resources were very helpful, and knowledge increased on how to use materials and resources in future."   Comments include:  “Fantastic- Very informative!”; “Definitely recommend this to others.”; “Excellent”,  “It was a good experience.”; “Interesting and helpful. Thank you.”; “Great Teacher- wish we would have had more time.”

Creative Minds Daycare, Vancouver, April 2012
Workshop for Parents and Early Childhood Educators


Read more on Julia’s history in the realm of sexuality education

Along with curriculum development and teaching Julia Saunders is one of the founding members of the Vancouver Society of Sexuality, Gender and Culture in BC (published for the first time in March 2005 in the Vancouver Sun).  Julia Saunders is also part of few networks of Sexuality Educators in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, including Meg Hickling, Alice Bell, and Saleema Noon.

Julia has developed and delivered Sexual Health workshops in and around Vancouver over the past 10 years, including for Crofton House School, Katimavik and Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, Yukon Youth Conference, as well at Intention retreats 7 through to 15. She has taught elementary school children in Seattle, WA, and has over a years' experience as a birth control counselor in a woman's clinic in Vancouver.

Working with adults has always been a passion of Julia's so she has designed and delivers a specialized
series of workshops called “Approachable Adult”.  These specialized parent and professional development workshops have been delivered in Early Childhood Education trainings, at Family Places in Vancouver, in Whitehorse, YK, and other locations.  One of her most recent clients was a two part training for counselors at Richmond Addictions

Before Mrs. Saunders became a professional development trainer, a family life, sex and relationship coach, and a parent educator, she was deep in to the world of media.  Her experience extends from writing articles for  international media, to:

JuiceBox Radio (2003-2009): weekly sex and relationship talk show for over 200 episodes

JuiceBox Salon: Experience (2007): Julia Saunders created the first ever evening of sex ed and performance art collaboration which sold out within weeks.

JuiceBox Salon: Sins & Senses (2008): The next JuiceBox Salon was featured in local papers and sold out weeks before the event.  It was bigger, more sensuous and focused participants on the path to "Juicy Self Love".

MTV "He Said, She Said" (2007): 6 pieces for a weekly talk show on where she responded as the sexpert to inquiries from youth about sexual and relationship matters.

Victoria Erotica Film & Arts Festival (2008):  Emcee

Passion Show, Intention 9 and 10: Emcee


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